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Our Future Planet

7 Lansdown Crescent
United Kingdom

About Us

Our aims are to recognise the weaknesses of our present planet and to use Our Future Planet (OFP) to design a fundamentally new planetary system and to achieve these goals by interconnecting and empowering citizens of OFP.

Our Future Planet came about as the result of a desire to rethink the direction the world is heading in and to do something about it. Long frustrated with our social systems and desirous of change and genuine innovation, Karl Jaeger developed the idea for OFP two years ago.

Our Future Planet is a new website and online community (YouTopia) for anyone who wants to design and create a future that does not unquestioningly follow on from the ways of the past.

We believe that if everyone signs up to become a citizen of Our Future Planet, then they are not only citizens of the planet as a whole - they will also be accepting a certain responsibility for how the planet develops in the future.

Citizens use YouTopia to pool ideas and resources, and develop progressive social systems which they would like to see in a brighter future.

The more Citizens sign up and the more ideas are shared; the larger and stronger our Citizenship grows, and the more we can achieve together. Let's design a more beautiful and sustainable planet, starting now.

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